The 2016 Soccer Season
 Come join your team!

Schedules are Posted
During registration please consider donating toward Hurontown grass field  and family spaces development-each and every dollar counts and will be used toward making the playing fields this year. The first phase of building is complete-2 ADA unisex bathrooms are built with the capacity to add on the concession, storage, and meeting space.

Please consider donating your time, talent or treasure toward field development. There are so many wonderful ways to be a part of the CCSA family.

Each and every dollar counts and will be used toward making the fields complete.

All players, coaches, & families upon registration agree to uphold the standards of good sporting behavior, including following instructions from a referee. The complete safety of our players is primary concern; good sportsmanship encompasses respect, physical safety, fair play,  integrity, honesty, positive organizational and team mentality, and the spirit of the love of the game by committing to developing the skills necessary to become a confident team member.
Registration Fees:
4/5  $40
 6/7 $65
8/9 & 10/11  $75
12/13 $85
14/15 & 16-18  $95
$10 discount for siblings

Online Registration
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